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MAP News: The MAP Grant Returns! and ADSR

We are pleased as punch to announce the return of the MAP's grant program!  As a way to give back to our community in response to the incredible creativity and support that we received during the {Re}HAPPENING events, we're using our proceeds from the 2010 & 2011 events to fund the Media Arts Project Community Grant series.

We'll be giving out grants of up to $1500 each to two WNC-based artists for the 2011 grant cycle. We encourage WNC-based artists to apply for funding to support a new or current project in the realms of Performance, Multimedia, Sculpture, Installation, New Media, Interaction, Sound, Photo / Video & Web Art.

Applications open July 15, and the deadline for proposals is August 15. Awarded applicants will be chosen by a jury of local artists, technologists and MAP community members. The two funded projects will be shown as part of the next {Re}HAPPENING, in spring 2012.  Detailed information and the grant application are here.

These grants continue the work of the Media Arts Advantage Fund (2006-2008), a joint project between the Media Arts Project and Advantage West.

Pushing the Envelope: attack, decay, sustain, release

When: Saturday, July 8, 8pm

Where: The Artery, 346 Depot St, Asheville

Come on out for the opening of a new multi-media art show, curated by Gene Felice for the Bob Moog Foundation and the Asheville Area Arts Council. Saturday night's event features live performances by River Guerguerian and Jason Daniello.

Workshops revolving around the themes of the show will be held throughout July, as well as a closing event on Saturday, July 30th with performances by Kima Moore, Janice Lancaster, & Elisa Faires.

Pushing the Envelope artists include: