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MAP News: Off the MAP presents LoVid; Moogus Operandi

Off the MAP: LoVid

Friday, May 28, 8pm - $5 suggested donation

Bobo Gallery, 22 North Lexington, Asheville

It is our great pleasure to present LoVid. Interndisciplinary artists Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus form the internationally recognized, groundbreaking duo. At Bobo, they’ll be performing Sync Armonica, which was created during a residency at EYEBEAM in New York in 2005. Sync Armonica is a sculptural audio/video instrument for use in performances, installations, and recordings. It’s sort of a table with a series of enclosures, each with an engraving on the top created by a laser cutter/etcher. The drawings are based on images from recordings of the instrument's video output.

From a recent editorial on rhizome.org: In their work, LoVid hack and manipulate video in a myriad of ways -- sewing it into quilts, melding it with resin and foam core to make 3D sculptures, integrating live video feeds into the body of other sculptures, altering it in live performance, or weaving the electric wires that transmit video signals into large textiles. Their practice brings the elemental technologies behind video to the fore, while also emphasizing the interactive systems that trigger them.

Moogus Operandi

Thursday, May 27, 7-10pm

The Orange Peel, 101 Biltmore Ave, Asheville

Tickets $10 in advance, $12 at the door


The Bob Moog Foundation's benefit concert event, Moogus Operandi, is a celebration of the Moog legacy through music, art, multi-media, and the exploration of the intersection of science and music.


MAP board members Gene Felice, Megan McKissack, and Scott Furr are collaborating on a multimedia presentation to highlight the profound impact of Moog’s inventions on the music industry and on the musicians who have taken his instruments far beyond Moog's wildest expectations. Source material will include vintage photos, schematics, and movie clips from Bob Moog’s archives.


Works have been donated by Gabriel Shaffer, Chad Adair, Phil Cheney, Dustin Spagnola, ArtYes, Seja Vogel and others. The foundation will hold an eBay auction featuring the unique pieces of Moog-inspired art beginning on the evening of May 20th, and ending the evening of the event, where attendees will participate through bidding stations set up by CityMac.


And if you STILL need reasons to go, they have some awesome raffle items, including 2 tickets to Bonaroo, a case of Moog Filtered Ale, an iPod Touch, a day of recording at Echo Mountain Studio, and a Moog Multi Pedal. Don't miss it...