March OFF THE MAP Artist Talk: Severn Eaton, Michael Luchtan & Kehren Barbour
posted: March 3, 2014
The recipients of the MAP community grant will discuss the inspiration and concepts behind their grant-winning projects which will be on view at {Re}HAPPENING, Saturday April 5th. 
Severn Eaton: “Cooperative Instrument” 
Costuming created with electrical pickups and strings along the spine, for players to interact and manipulate each other as instruments in an embrace. These “instruments” will be part of a larger collaborative performance.
Michael Luchtan & Kehren Barbour “Post Piano Project”
Four piano harps will be installed in the campus roundhouse creating a visually dynamic laboratory in sound that allows group interaction and non-musicians the experience of creating music.
Admission to this event is free
The Media Arts Project's monthly OFF THE MAP events feature innovate WNC artists and are intended to encourage community dialogue and collaborations.
Monday, March 10, 7-9 p.m.
Fine Arts Theatre, 36 Biltmore Avenue
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