~Jill Cockerham/June 22, 2016

gallagher_03Kelly Gallagher, experimental filmmaker, will be here in Asheville at Firestorm Books & Cafe on June 29 at 7:00 p.m.  Hosted by Mechanical Eye Microcinema and FierceFlix, she will be screening some of her short films, with a Q&A session held afterwards.  

Many of Kelly’s short films are handcrafted animations using a variety of media, such as drawings, collage, paper cutouts, and clay.  Visually stimulating and politically engaging, her films tell historically-driven stories with themes of radical and militant resistance, juxtaposed on patterned and glittery backgrounds.  They are textural and dimensional, layered, with a very analog, DIY aesthetic.  Her animations are materials-focused, with visibility of work evident.  

She explores such topics as white accomplices in resistance movements (in “From Ally to Accomplice”), the connection between slavery and mass incarceration (in “Pen Up the Pigs”), female filmmakers (in “The Herstory of the Female Filmmaker”), as well as personal narratives.

Her films and videos are available for viewing online for free through her website www.purpleriot.com, which she sees as a political act to encourage accessibility of experimental and radical art.  Kelly Gallagher has an MFA in Cinematic Arts from the University of Iowa, and is a professor of Media Arts at Antioch College.