February 24-25, 2017

Frame + Form | Screen Dance Festival is presented by The Media Arts Project in collaboration with Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center. This two-day festival features dance created specifically for film and video. An inherently interdisciplinary genre, screen dance combines the disciplines of dance, performance, visual art, cinema and media arts. The festival raises artistic awareness of this genre by presenting experimental contemporary dance films from nationally and internationally recognized choreographers and filmmakers. The first of its kind in Asheville, this festival also includes a hands-on video/movement workshop, panel discussion, and screening of historical films including the work by Black Mountain College teacher Merce Cunningham.

Screening $15 / Workshop $40 / Screening + Workshop $50

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Frame + Form | Screen Dance Festival Trailer

Frame + Form | Screen Dance Festival Screening Line-up

4:23, 2016
Mariama Slåttøy, Sveinung Gjessing

A massive circular chamber, constructed of steel and heavy concrete. Play of light is created on the wall by an opening in the roof. A woman is laying motionless with her eyes closed on the rough surface, demarcated from the outside world in the rusty room with no exits. She seems small and fragile, but then she opens her eyes.

Director Bio
Mariama is a director and professional dancer from Norway. She experiments with movement and space by using moving images in collaboration with architect and filmmaker Sveinung Gjessing.

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Body Language Zone
10:13, 2015
Kim Saarinen

The film defies office workers’ day-to-day life, especially in the core of the European Union. It also defies our nature of using our body for communicating. Nowadays people are stiff and only use a couple of fingers to communicate with each other through electronic devices. The body language consultant gives good advice how to use body language in a different way in the office and social media environments. The film also defies the traditional storytelling with its episodes. In four episodes a consultant gives expert advice on body language for the office environment.

The episodes:
Zone 1: Body Language Consult, Zone 2: Touching Instructions, Zone 3: Body Language Management, Zone 4: Guaranteed Free Flow

Director Bio
Kim Saarinen is a 29-year-old Finnish director, videographer and editor. In the year 2013 he graduated from the University of Lapland with a M.A. in audiovisual media culture. During the past years he has gained varied experience in his field by participating in doing numerous video productions such as music videos, commercials and documentaries. Most important aspect of his artistic work is to create compassionate stories and evoke feelings that can many times be contradictory.

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3:43, 2016
Sarah Friedland
United States

“Swimminghole” is a music video for the premiere EP of Berlin-based electronic duo Droves. A dancefilm choreographed and directed by Sarah Friedland, “Swiminghole” features abstract choreographies of skin, fat and light, juxtaposed against a contemporary dance duet featuring dancers Kyle Marshall(Doug Elkins Co, 10 Hairy Legs) and Benny Olk (Merce Cunningham, Lucinda Childs Co). Cinematography by Gabe Elder and Production Design by Stephanie Osin Cohen.

Director Bio
Sarah Friedland is a filmmaker and choreographer who works at the intersection of moving images and moving bodies. Her short films have screened in the New Orleans Film Festival, Santa Barbara Intl. Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, Mostra Internacional de Videodanca di Sao Carlos and many others. She has furthered her choreographic learning as a mentee of Julie Strandberg, a participant in MacArthur award-winning choreographer Susan Marshall’s SUMAC workshop, and an apprentice in 2014 with the American Dance Legacy Initiative. She is a graduate of Brown University where she studied Modern Culture and Media, graduating with the Weston Award for filmmaking.

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Sun Sets on Sunday
6:55, 2016
Vladimir Gruev

Sun Sets on Sunday explores the border between dream and awake state and how it creates realistic illusions which lead to erasing the border line between dream and reality.

Director Bio
Vladimir Gruev is a young Bulgarian artist based in London. Initially started as a breakdancer in Bulgaria, but later on he left for the UK to study filmmaking in order to explore how to tell stories through dance on a wider medium. In 2016, he graduated from University for the Creative Arts (UK) with BA Film Production and worked on various music videos and dance theatre pieces with companies such as Wayward Thread, Atom Theatre, A Man with a Hat, etc. Currently, Vladimir is based in London, researching for new screendance projects.

4:00, 2016
Emilia Izquierdo
United Kingdom

Mirrors (2016) is a loop video animation that refers to confusing or disorienting situations in which it is difficult to distinguish between truth and illusion or between competing versions of reality. Playing with spatial disorientation the piece refers to an indistinguishable spatial state – physical and mental – where the sense of reality is threatened. The piece addresses this state of entrapment and disorientation and the need to break out of it exploring how technology, social systems and personal relationships affect the way we see and understand the world.
No sound.

Director Bio
Emilia Izquierdo is Chilean/British. Lives and works. London UK. MFA, Slade school of Fine Art, London. MA Art and Politics at Goldsmiths University, London.

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Saeta: The Mourning
5:30, 2016
Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros
United Kingdom

“Saeta: The mourning” is a dance short film that takes the traditional religious song, the Saeta, sung during Spain’s Holy Week and brings it to a modern setting. The song is heard typically during a procession and is usually associated with death. The Flamenco movement vocabulary explores grief and longing and this film plays with this concept. Black is usually associated with mourning and the Spanish comb, the peineta, is important to the Saeta song and to Holy Week. In the film the peineta is juxtaposed by a modern outfit and is playing with the ideas of new ways of seeing and old ways of being. The film’s costuming and dancing pushes boundaries and Koko Zin’s camera work frames the movement and adds to the anxiety the choreography is playing with. David Ajiri’s editing is crisp and makes “Saeta: The mourning” an eerie and haunting dance film.

Director Bio
Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros is a professional dancer, Dance Historian and Critic, a Roma Scholar, a Flamenco historian and peace activist.

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Frame + Form | Screen Dance Workshop
On Saturday, February 25 from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m, a Screen Dance workshop will be held at BMCM+AC at 56 Broadway. This is a hands-on video/movement workshop. Participants will create original movement, capture it on video, and then be involved in a live editing process. The result is a brand new piece that will be shown at the end of the workshop. Constance Humphries and Sara Baird of the MAP are facilitating. The workshop registration is limited to 10 people so sign up early.