For August’s Off the MAP event, The MAP is collaborating with WINDOW re/production re/presentation, Mechanical Eye Microcinema and Apothecary to present COPY/RIGHT: A Symposium on Appropriation Art.

The incorporation of pre-existing material into secondary works of art is a tumultuous topic, often inciting extreme and polarizing opinions.  In visual art when does “borrowing” become “stealing?” Can we claim ownership of our original ideas and aesthetic devices? How much appropriation is too much?

This daylong symposium opens the conversation about appropriation in art to the public in the form of a visual art exhibit, panel discussion/community forum, and video screening involving educators and local artists.

Saturday, August 17, starting at 3:00PM

Apothecary, 39B South Market St, Asheville NC 28801

3:00 PM: Panel discussion and community forum with:

  • Anna Jensen (artist)
  • Peter Parpan (artist, designer, teacher)
  • Dawn Roe (curator, teacher, artist)
  • Dustin Spagnola (artist)
  • Michael Traister (photographer)

Moderated by Jaye Bartell (writer) and Ursula Gullow (artist)

7:00 PM: Screening of short videos curated by Mechanical Eye Microcinema and introduced by Mark Hosler of Negativland, followed by Q&A.
Visual art exhibit includes work by Severn Eaton, Anna Jensen and Leigh-Ann Pahapill.